ELINT/RWR Receiver

Thanks to photonics techniques, the way to detect radar signals in this kind of receivers can be improved in terms of instantaneous response, probability of interception, frequency measurement, sensitivity and simultaneous signal sorting.

Photonic receivers are useful in several systems such as radar warning receivers, SIGINT equipment, jammer power management, tactical air warning, shipboard ESM and spectrum surveillance in general. This kind of receiver is able to manage many types of signal, from the common pulsed and continuous wave signals to those more complex like frequency agile signals, staggered PRF and chirped signals.

ECM System

Traditionally, Radar Jamming systems are implemented electronically which does not allow to fully exploit its benefits, since its behavior is frequency dependent. This problem is a great drawback since if the operational frequency of the radar is unknown the system is not operational.

Radar Environment Emulator

The Radar Target Emulator has been designed to generate radar echoes for the purpose of testing, calibration and training on a wide variety of radar systems.

Optical Harnessing

The current military harness has limitations associated with the use of copper cables in the on-board networks.

The main advantages of optical fiber data links, when compared to traditional harnessing, are mass reduction and EMI immunity.

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