The Radar Target Emulator has been designed to generate radar echoes for the purpose of testing, calibration and training on a wide variety of radar systems.

The use of the system is very friendly: the radar or EW system which is being tested emits a signal which is received by the Target Simulator. The Target Simulator delays, Doppler shifts, and reemits the signal for reception by the radar antenna.

The simulated target has digitally controlled range, radial velocity, coordinated Doppler Effect and radar cross-section. This provides a realistic radar target return without requiring real targets.

The Optical Radar Target Simulator may be used in locations which preclude the use of real radar targets, such as anechoic chambers. It may also be used in field testing for preflight test and maintenance purposes. It allows calibration and electromagnetic environment simulation in any platform (aircraft, terrestrial vehicles and ships), reducing costs.


  •         Ultra Wide Bandwidth (DC to 40 GHz)
  •           RF agnostic: the delay introduced does not depend on incoming signal frequency
  •           The reemitted signal parameters are controlled digitally through a software tool
  •           Simulated target range up to 60 kilometers
  •           High linear dynamic range (75~85dB)
  •           Self-test function
  •           Complex radar target modeling, chaff and clutter
  •           Advanced ECM techniques
  •           Based on Photonics technology

Simulacioon de entornos radar