The intrinsic characteristics of the optical fiber allow multiplying the performances of current RF technology, not only taking into account the signal processing, but also its generation. This performance has transformed photonic technology into the heart of the new-generation radiotelescopes (ALMA and SKA, among others), which need RF signals until 125 GHz and a great spectral purity.

DAS Photonics' high performance RF Generator allows the generation of signals with a high spectral purity, from a few GHz until over 125 GHz, with almost insignificant added phase-noise and phase deviation. Moreover, its scalable design allows its adaptation to the frequency range required for each particular application.

Some of the characteristics are:

  •           RF frequency multiplying to 3x, without losses in performances
  •           Highest frequency generation: 125 GHz
  •           Phase deviations lower than 6fs
  •           Added phase noise lower than 30fs
  •           Repeatability and reliability
  •           Easy control through a LAN interface
  •           Adaptable to each mission