EW/Electronic Intelligence Photonic Systems

In the field of EW (Electronic Warfare), DAS Photonics offers photonic technology based solutions, which allow a performance improvement, as well as a SWaP reduction (size, weight and power consumption). Our products are focused in highly specialized applications, with technological requirements which go further than traditional RF/electronic systems.

Optical Harnessing for military and aerospace environment

The traditional metal-based military harness shows limitations associated with the use of copper cables in the on-board networks and interconnections. The main advantages of optical fiber data links, when compared to traditional harnessing are higher bandwidth per distance product, mass reduction, EMI free and isolation. These advantages have raised the interest of many system integrators for improving the harnessing in both civil and military platforms.

Subsystems for photonic payloads in satellites

Regarding Aerospace, DAS develops solutions for both ground segment and space segment systems. The aim is to bring the benefits that photonic technology provides to the space market such us significant mass/size reduction as well as EM immunity with cost-effective solutions. The current applications developed by DAS Photonics are in the line of photonics links for digital and RF signals, frequency conversion and phased-array antenna beamforming.